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We are a student club with members across disciplines such as IT, Marketing, Business, Engineering, Bio-med and more!

GUSUE was founded to meet a need in the educational system. Although students learn academic theories and concepts, most of these are never put into play for extended periods of time. GUSUE allows students to innovate and collaborate with other students from their cohort and put some of these skills to action. GUSUE has academic advisors and is a recognised club at Griffith University Gold Coast

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GUSUE is a club with like minded members with an interest in start-ups and entrepreneurship

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Do you know someone that is constantly thinking of innovative ideas? TELL THEM ABOUT US!

Start Thinking

GUSUE has a range of industry professionals that have graciously offered to provide advice and mentoring to our members…. Its never been a better time to start coming up with the next unicorn

Get Involved

Are you enthusiastic and looking to get more involved but do not have any ideas yet? Never fear! We love motivating and helping our members achieve greatness. You could always help run the club – Marketing, Management, Accounting and if you can find any other fit get in contact!

Think & Innovate

GUSUE Awards

Each semester we will be honouring our outstanding members with awards for their innovation, progression and assistance with the club

Maximise The Opportunity

GUSUE is one of the best ways to connect and collaborate with your fellow students. The access to industry mentors can also help with gaining internships and finishing university “real-world” ready!


We love being able to help student that are or are interested in becoming entrepreneurs learn, grow and connect.  We greatly appreciate all of our industry and academic partners and are always looking for more. If you think you could assist the club with mentoring, advice or financially then please shoot us a facebook message

Want to know why we think this club might just be the right choice for you?

We are the FIRST AND ONLY recognised entrepreneurs club at Griffith University Gold Coast. Our collaboration with Studio39, academic staff and industry partners provide our members with unprecedented support. We are also working on setting up a new Incubator/Accelerator program at Griffith TBA

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